Not sure what I’m doing

I’m an introvert. If you know me personally, this isn’t a big shock. I don’t talk much to those I don’t know well, and I prefer not being around crowds. As I’ve been facing this nightmare of figuring out how to keep living without my baby girl I’ve found that expressing how I’m feeling has been helpful. I’ve also found that I’m not good at writing in a journal (I’ve done it off and on since she died in May), but I can sure write some lengthy Facebook posts. Haha. So, instead of long drawn out posts that most people scroll past anyway, I’ve decided to write a blog. If nobody reads it, fine, but it will be an easier way for me to get out what I’ve been holding inside, and maybe help someone else experiencing the grief I am.

Grief is now a part of my daily life, but so is laughter. Grace is what keeps me moving forward in this world full of pain and heartache, knowing it will end. Lightning bugs are a reminder that we are all here for a short time and our goal should be to shine bright, to give hope when it feels hopeless. (A little explanation behind the seemingly random name for my blog).

As I enter into 2018 I will share how I’m surviving with a piece of me missing and hopefully share some beauty that I long to see rise from the ashes. God is good and His plans for me are perfect.

9 thoughts on “Not sure what I’m doing”

  1. Great Erin I am very interested in knowing about you and you have to say about your loss. I have found that writing it down on a blog is great, talking about it with those you feel are closest to you. I am always there for you, please talk to me I have had ten losses of very immediate family that are no longer here for me to talk to, to give me hugs, tell me they love me and simply just get too see and talk with them. I miss them all and wish they were here til this day. God will be the one that will fill you with grace in order to manage your very great loss. Crying helps a lot !


  2. I ♡ that you are doing thus! Hugs. I so miss seeing your sweet Addy on Sunday mornings and regret not spending more time with her. Hugs and much love! Thoughts and prayers are with you all!


  3. Love this and excited for your blogs. Erin, your faith is so amazing and its inspiring to see you share your story and how your walk with God continues to grow in your grief


  4. This is a great idea, Erin. Type away and undo the knots. I continue to pray for your difficult journey. I wanted to say “your horrible journey” but didn’t want to call anything to do with Addy horrible. But as a mother of two daughters, I can only imagine the horrors you’ve experienced. But, I can remember watching Addy during church and there was NOTHING horrible about that adorable baby. I miss her. ❤


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